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Looks like it speaks for itself, or how Google wants you to activate your assistant without even saying “OK Google”.


As we all know, assistants, whether from Google or Amazon, begin the recognition and response process with specific activation words. According to Google, this process is not the same for people, so it is looking for a way to replicate this on their devices.

At Google I/O 2022, the company announced a novelty related to these situations called Look and Talk, which aims to simplify communication with Google Assistant to levels where, with the appearance, you can already begin to interact with the assistant.

They ponder the idea that once you are within 1.5 meters of the device, the user can simply look at the screen and speak to get started. All this will be based on eight machine learning models in which the algorithm will be able to distinguish between intentional interactions and views.

We leave you the video of Google itself so you can see how it would work.


See and Speak – Google

“We have developed Look and Talk in accordance with our principles of artificial intelligence. It meets our stringent audio and video processing requirements, and like our other camera detection features, the video never leaves the device.”they explain on their blog where you get more information.

The Look and Talk interaction is based on three phases. In the first, the assistant uses visual cues to determine when the user is signaling an intent to interact with them and then wakes up like they are now with the words “Hey Google” or “OK ​​Google”.

It then checks and understands the user’s intent through visual and acoustic cues, that is, it examines whether the gaze is indeed intentional. These two phases form the basis of the Look and Talk functionality, since the third phase is not currently commented on.

already functioning was tested with 3000 participants with which they improve the recognition process. “While this is a key milestone on our journey, we hope this is the first of many enhancements to our interaction paradigms that will continue to redefine the Google Assistant experience responsibly.”they end.

Source: Computer Hoy

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