The is called hell this summer hurts your health, but not only that. Humans are not used to withstanding temperatures above 35 degrees. The physically weakened and performance diminish their quality, themood deteriorates. High temperatures lead to a deficit of cognitive skills, increasing aggression and the violent side.

The poorest countries suffer the most because they are economically unable to ventilate the environment. One study conducted an experiment with a group of college students chatting in rooms between 14 and 36 degrees. It was recorded that the greatest hostility was present in hot places.

The high temperatures tend to increase theirritability from people. The latter see things more negatively and tolerate others less. Students’ moods have also deteriorated due to the heat, the 2021 study of US schools testifies. The exams that students take at a temperature of 32 degrees have a 10% lower pass rate. This after comparison with those made with a temperature of 24 degrees.

The deterioration in performance occurs not only at school level, but also at work. Another test conducted at manufacturers in Surat in India proved this statement again. In industries without air conditioning, daily production drops between 2% and 8% at temperatures between 30 and 35 degrees. On the other hand, constant drops are recorded at temperatures above 20 degrees. A drop of production an average of 2.1% per year in any industry worldwide, if such high temperatures are constant.

Source: Lega Nerd

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