The USB-C It is the connector of choice for almost all Android users, and several laptop manufacturers are also abandoning the timeless classic pin connection. The latest USB-C 2.1 specification allows for power delivery of up to 240W compared to the previous standard’s 100W limit, but if you want to know how fast a particular adapter, cable, or combo will actually charge your laptop, you’ll need a power meter, and this is where the latest product comes in Pluggable. The company has launched a new USB-C power meter that can measure up to 240W (as explained by: XDA Developers).

240W chargers for laptops and smartphones don’t exist yet, but reports show that gaming laptop manufacturers are working to integrate the technology into their products. You could say that Plugable’s USB-C power meter is prebut it can’t hurt to have one now as it is a versatile tool for measuring current direction, voltage, amperage and how many watts are being delivered and can be used to check the charge of your devices in real time regardless of what the marketing specs say.

Plugable’s latest product has a USB-C female port on one side and a male port on the other side, it can measure the current flowing in both directions, and you can connect it between the charging cable and the notebook or the smart phone.

Another convenience is the button along the edge that flips the screen, so that you always see the statistics up. Plugable claims that the device supports data transfer and that the OLED screen is brighter than previous Power Meters.

Source: Lega Nerd

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