Let’s start with the rumors on a 13700K than VideoCardz has reported. It consists of a qualifying sample chip (which essentially means a completed CPU, shipped for testing) compared to CPU-Z clocked at nearly 6.2 GHz (6185 MHz) on all its high-performance cores (with core efficiency at 4189 MHz).

The single-core benchmark result on CPU-Z reached 1,010, which is remarkable and surpasses the recent Raptor Lake leaks we’ve seen. Multi-core was less impressive at 11,877, but then hyper-threading was turned off (with a massive boost of voltage to 1,536 volts in an attempt to achieve basically great overclocking and a single-core result).

Wccftech, as explained by VideoCardz, also discovered a second Raptor Lake leak from Baidu showing a sample of Core i9-13900K engineering, and this was overclocked to 6GHz, with a similar voltage to the 13700K above (1.546V), but with efficiency cores turned off. The flagship achieved a score of 976 for single-core in CPU-Z. The most interesting thing is to see the 13900K reach 6 GHz with standard cooling.

It’s a real revelation to the eyes to see that the Core i7-13700K has already pushed far above the 6GHz threshold on all coreseven with the caveats mentioned, the most notable thing is that, unlike the 13900K loss, we don’t know which cooling was used, and there’s a hint that the CPU used a modified cooling method that goes beyond traditional means.

Source: Lega Nerd

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