The new research on the subject is confirmed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The research team postpones the cause of the anomalies heat waves (like the current one) to the use of greenhouse gases by man. In the future, it is expected that a scorching heat it could increase by 30%. The research was coordinated by Jiayu Zheng and Chunzai Wang, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

July 19, 2022 was the hottest day ever recorded in England, with more than 40 degrees. The major heat wave hit the Northern Hemisphere, including Italy, and is sure to repeat itself in the coming years. Scholars have applied to better understand the dynamics of such events prediction models to the atmospheric circulation. This is to analyze the 2021 episodes, in the heat wave that had hit North America. An event that led to 1,500 deaths, mass killings of sea creatures and fires.

The main causes of heat peaks are the greenhouse gases used by humans, which alter atmospheric flows. All this led to the global warming and the melting of glaciers on Earth. Here man ruins himself with his own hands, destroying the precious nature that surrounds him.

If appropriate measures are not taken, the risk of extreme heat waves will increase and will have a further impact on the ecological balance and on socially and economically sustainable development.

Chunzai Wang

The models clearly indicate that the main reason for these heat peaks is greenhouse gases, which alter the normal flows of atmospheric flows.


Source: Lega Nerd

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