The fact is that in recent weeks we have not stopped receiving notifications of the presence of new malware for Android. On the one hand, there is the dangerous virus BRATA that drains your bank account. Besides SMSFactory, it’s a Trojan designed to send premium messages and inflate your phone bill. And now it’s added Revive, a new malware with a clear target: BBVA customers.

According to Bleeping Computer’s reports, we are dealing with a new malware detected in Spain and this is It replaces BBVA’s identity with a fake security app To access your bank accounts

And the eye, what The procedure is so good that it is difficult to describe it. More than anything, because a window will appear stating that a double-factor authentication check is required, which is why many users believe this is the official app.

Revive, how does this dangerous Trojan work?

To start, Revive uses SMS phishing to attack the user. That way, they’ll send you a message pretending to be BBVA in this case, but other attacks against new banking establishments in the summer aren’t excluded, indicating you need to do a security check.

We’ve already seen other malware focus on a single bank, and that’s exactly what Revive is doing right now.It attacks only BBVA to focus all its efforts on this banking unit.

Worst of all, security company Cleafy, which sounded the alarm after detecting this malware, stated that it was in development, so it would improve until it became a real headache.

As mentioned, Revive’s message looks real, There is even a small tutorial where they explain how to install the app. Obviously, once you’ve entered your bank account details, they’ll start draining it at full speed. And be careful, the app they installed also has access to the message and call log. With this, they can intercept the SMS your bank sends to confirm payments, so be very careful.

The best thing you can do right now is to be very careful and not trust any messages asking you to access a web page or download an app. Has BBVA sent you a message? Contact your bank to confirm this is not a scam. And remember: Revive will soon attack customers of other banking institutions…

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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