The first name is Freyathat of a young woman from walrus what havoc wreaks Oslo, in Norway. Freya has decided to choose this city as a destination for her vacation. His first destinations were the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark. For several days it has been permanently established in Frognerkilen Bay, in the Oslo fjord. Here to sunbathe he sank many boats with his own 700 kg by weight.

His presence attracts crowd of spectators and photographers who long to look at it and take pictures. Even the videos that run on the net are not far behind and gather a lot of views. Freya is the name of the Norse goddess of love, fertility and war. A name that suits him, partly because of the extensive damage he causes to boats and piers. The proposals for the animal’s transfer to the Arctic Ocean are many and many would also like to suppress it. However, the Norwegian Fisheries Directorate has stated that it poses no danger and can remain where it is.

Simple rules of coexistence were recommended. Walruses are usually not a danger to humans if you keep a safe distance. To reduce or prevent further damage to boats, they can be moored so that the walrus cannot climb on top of them and destroy them. Some scholars say that Freya accidentally entered the fjord and remained trapped there. The cause is also the many spectators who follow it. Walruses are a kind of a risk of extinction before melting glaciers caused by climate change.

Another reason for the presence of walruses is the commercial vessels that ruin the natural habitat and affect their movements. This indicates that the authorities will allow Freya to remain where she is until she poses a real threat. He won’t leave until he decides to return to the glacial seas of the north.

Source: Lega Nerd

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