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How to act in the event of a sudden stop on the road on DGT, no need to activate warnings


We are in the middle of summer, during the rest of August and September it is likely that you will find yourself in a hold quite unwittingly. In these cases, the mode of action is quite specific and, While warnings are commonly used, the truth is that this is an error recognized by the Highway Traffic Authority..

How to act correctly? At a general level and in the event of a traffic jam, you as the driver must warn those approaching from behind by repeatedly using the brake lights, although the arm can also be used to move downwards and then upwards.

The situations in which this or that action can be performed depend on many things, and it is not recommended to remove the hand when the hold is in the fast lane or on the highway, as any type of accident is more likely to occur. Applying the brake repeatedly is always the best action to warn other vehicles..


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With all of this in mind, when is it appropriate to use car warnings? While many drivers interpret this button as turning on an emergency beacon, the truth is that its use is not. Actually activating warnings when the car is in a double lane is a misuse.

DGT explains that warnings should be used in exceptional situationsused in cases where traffic casuistry is not respected, such as when the vehicle cannot reach the minimum recommended speed or when the vehicle is forced to perform emergency service.

Let’s go to, warnings cannot be activated lightly and even more so for certain moments on the roads, such as temporary parking or leaving the car for a few minutes. While it may seem that holding is an exceptional situation, this is not in the eyes of the DGT.

Detentions occur day after day on all roads passing through Spain and are the most common events. and, therefore, in the case of being in one of them, the mode of action is that which we saw in the first lines: repeatedly applying the brake to inform the rest of the vehicles, or by means of hand signals.

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