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Some of the best runner watches are discounted and come with free headphones.


It is clear that the sports watch sector is dominated by brands specializing in sports gadgets, primarily Garmin and Polar, and the fact that other manufacturers are gradually entering their sphere.

Apple is one of those who are supplanting them with their Apple Watch, but not the only one. Huawei sells some models sports watches worth it, starting with watches designed by and for runners: the Huawei Watch GT Runner.which is now only 179 euros on Amazon.

This is an innovative price, much lower than usual. Huawei official store in Spain has another offer that is worth it, namely that it costs 229 euros and includes FreeBuds 4i as a gift, noise canceling headphones are available in various colors.

There are several reasons why this watch is worth it, especially because of the accuracy that its sensors and GPS promise, which is very important when measuring performance in training and competition.

It replicates one of the favorite features of Garmin users, such as tooltips personalized workouts and exercises according to your performance and your physical conditiona good way to get better and prepare for a race, especially if you usually run alone and not in a group.

The best running watches offer this feature in addition to cadence or pace, mileage alerts, speed and more so you can set a goal and see if you’re reaching it in real time.

Battery autonomy is another of its strengths, up to two weeks, depending of course on how you use the GPS, the chip that consumes the most power with a clear difference. This is a figure that far exceeds what was usual in this sector.

Both the official Huawei store and Amazon offer free and fast shipping from Spain, so it’s up to you whether you are confident in the offer with gift headphones or prefer to pay less in exchange for just a watch.

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