Researchers at Duke University (USA) have developed a microscope with 54 parallel cameras that can capture 3D images and video at Gigapixel resolution. The research is described in a paper published in the journal Nature Photonics.

In a first demonstration of the technology, the researchers used 24 parallel cell phone cameras to capture and identify images.

They noted that their apparatus not only accurately locates certain elements, but also produces 3D images with excellent resolution.

Years later, the Multi-Camera Array Microscope (MCAM) was born, which he developed, with a lot of research and his own algorithm, to compile a huge volume of data in a house of terabytes in a few minutes.

The microscope has 54 parallel lenses that capture not only still images but also videos.

The device creates 3D images of objects, offering the opportunity to observe species in free motion, capturing high-quality even the finest details and maintaining a wealth of detail.

On the Duke University website, the researchers explain that multiple cameras connect the dots and create an image similar to that produced by the Gigapixel-resolution human eye.

What uses could this technology have?

From science to art, MCAM has been used to help researchers refine their observations of animal behavior and map artworks.

In a study of zebrafish at the University of California, researchers were able to identify new behaviors and even subtle changes in fish coloration when responding to drugs.

On the other hand, the mapping of works of art has ensured the legitimacy of the works, making it difficult to sell and reproduce their imitations.

In addition, scientists claim that the power of this emerging technology requires the development of new software for data processing.

The science-sharing source code is open and available for free on Github.

Source: Tec Mundo

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