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DJI Avata seen on video, indoor and outdoor mini FPV drone


DJI has a new indoor drone in its hands as it is a first person drone. It’s called the DJI Avata, and we’ll see all the details about this new piece of equipment that’s going to make a splash among FPV fans.

The new DJI Avata still does not have an official date for the presentation of the company, unfortunately for fans of this type of device. The little information we received came from the posting of a video on Twitter. where you can see a person using this drone in the desert.

Throughout the short but action-packed video, there are a lot of details that we need to take into account. Among these details is the design of the goggles worn by the person piloting this FPV drone. They have been seen to be much more compact and minimalist on a general level than the current ones that DJI has..

These glasses will have two antennas designed to transmit information using the device. and in addition, it will integrate a control that will be used to control the speed, altitude and direction of flight of the new DJI Avata. This control would also have a fairly limited size on a general level and would essentially fit in the palm of your hand.

The goggles and controller wouldn’t be the only thing seen, and the DJI Avata drone itself could be seen in two photos that show both the top and front. At the size level, we would be faced with a very compact device. since, as we said above, it is desirable to be able to enter the premises.

This quadcopter will have a general coating that will surround the entire propeller structure so as not to damage them in the event of a crash.. These propellers should be small and the camera should be in the front area on the gimbal. On a technical level, little is known about the capabilities of this camera.

What has been leaked and talked about is that it can record at 4K resolution., at the moment this information is a mystery to everyone. We will be careful when DJI deigns to present this new drone to the public, which will please amateurs and professionals alike.

Source: Computer Hoy

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