heat tesla Bringing long-distance electric trucks to the road has been known for years, but making this idea a reality doesn’t seem like an easy task. Or so it seemed until now, because news was known that significantly changed the scenario.

This is nothing but confirmation that this vehicle will finally become a reality in 2022, as shipments to buyers will begin before the end of this year. good news from yourself elon musk the person who took the step to announce using Twitter, one of his favorite communication channels (and that this social network is still being bought by the businessman).

This means that the second part of the Master Plan (as Musk himself pointed out) is taking shape. Thus, companies that invest decisively in the purchase of these trucks with trailers and use these trucks, electric powerLike PepsiCo, which bought 100, they may envision buying their model to start being much more sustainable when shipping their products by road in 2023.

Tesla’s ongoing history of delays

And we are only referring to this truck that was announced during the year. 2017 and to date it has only accumulated delays for different reasons. A clear example of what we are saying is saying at first: shipments to be done in 2019however, this has not been fulfilled as usual at this manufacturer and has become a tradition for Tesla.

The date was later set for summer 2020, Elon Musk announced that he did it himself, but limitation in battery production due to shortage of materialsThe date of shipments has been delayed again, this time to a date reaching 2022. Considering what was said to the creator of the firm, this time it might be fine when nothing less than three. Years have passed since these electric trucks were expected to be in the hands of buyers.

tesla semi electric truck


What is the model to be delivered?

Well, as seen in Musk’s Twitter message, the Tesla Semi that has been chosen is the Tesla Semi, which offers several options. 500 miles (which is about 800 kilometers). It’s a good brand, and it’s definitely a testament to the electric car manufacturer’s technological prowess. That’s because for many countries like Spain it’s more than enough on paper (in the US that’s another story, but its usefulness is indisputable).

Now it remains to know the amount Units Tesla can deliver It will be possible to predict how long it will take to complete shipments to different investors before and before the end of this 2022. And in addition, something that will give him both prestige and a good amount of money if he can accept new assignments in the short term.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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