GPS trackers can be very helpful in finding lost items.

They have the location of the object with a view of up to several meters and work for several weeks without recharging.

AliExpress sells a standalone GPS tracker with support for iOS and Android.

The GPS tracker looks like a small but heavy device. It weighs 170 grams because a 6000 mAh battery is installed inside. One charge is enough for about a month of work.

The case also has microUSB for charging, a SIM card slot and a powerful magnet that allows you to attach the tracker to any metal object.

Controlled by the device through the TrackerOne application. The tracker has an international SIM card installed. It is necessary for signal transmission. The tariff for a month costs 6 euros, it can be paid on AliExpress.

After completing the settings and paying the tariff, the GPS tracker will work autonomously. It can transmit a GPS signal from anywhere where there is network capability.

TrackerOne allows labeling, audio playback, and population spread.

On AliExpress, a standalone GPS tracker costs 1539 rubles. Delivery is carried out from the Russian warehouse.

Other great things from AliExpress:

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▪️ Sleep headphones that don’t get in the way when you’re lying on your side

Source: Iphones RU

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