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Celebrate Roborock Days with AliExpress and discover its incredible discounts


For most people, having to sweep and mop floors is an inconvenience, but these days we can use technological devices like robotic vacuum cleaners.

If we are already confident in comfort, now AliExpress comes and offers us incredible discounts on Days of Roborockone of the brands with the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market today, which will provide save us a good amount of money.

From today until the next day, August 12 of the same month, 2022we are going to take advantage of great deals on some of the best products Roborock currently sells that will be our perfect allies to have shiny floors.

Everything will benefit, as there will be several Roboroks whose discount over 50%setting its price at a perfectly appetizing cost.

But not everything stops there, as there will be no shortage 2 years warranty and the possibility of completely free return or exchange within 15 days after receiving the device.

Robot vacuum cleaners: the best solution for shiny floors

It is clear that today there is no better way to save the floors in our house as on the first day than a robot vacuum cleaner that will take care of it for us and provide us with additional functions.

We will find everything we are looking for in this type of device in the Roborock models that are sold on AliExpress.

Robo Rock S7


A good example of this is the Roborock S7, a model that is capable of sweeping and vacuuming and is also equipped with sonic cleaning technology. In other words, thanks to the 300ml water tank, it can not only mop the floor, but also rub up to 3000 times per minute to remove any stains from the floor.

In addition, it also includes scrubbing with smart lifting systemultrasonic recognition of carpets, capable of connect to wifi of our house, and you can make a map of the house, with which you will always know where all the furniture and walls are.

Thanks to Roborock Days, the price is reduced to 383.44 euros, which means 54% less than usual.

Roborock Q7 Max

Roborock Q7 Max


There are other options like the Roborock Q7 Max which is capable of sucking big power 4200 Pa. Has a cleaning system 30 levels of water flow adapt it to the type of soil and a number of up to 180 minutes without recharging thanks to the 5200 mAh battery.

It also includes a system PreciSense LiDAR with which he creates a 3D map to be as efficient as possible in his work and thus be able to create procedures, delimit certain areas and even place virtual walls.

Roborock Q7 Max also has a very important discount, since costs 47% lesswhich makes the final price a fantastic 295.51 euros.

Roborock Q7 Max+

Roborock Q7 Max+


The Roborock Q7 Max+ is another version that includes everything we saw in the Q7 Max, the ability no need to empty the tank for seven weeksThanks to Clean self-cleaning base.

This means that the dirt is automatically dumped into 2.5 liter dust bag. after each cleaning when the robot arrives at the Pure base. All dust will accumulate and will not need to be cleaned until several weeks have passed, after which the device warns us.

All this for the price of only 481.92 euros, since its discount reaches 42% these days Roborock celebrated by AlieExpress.

Roborok S7 Pro Ultra

Roborok S7 Pro Ultra

Roborock S7 Pro Ultra is one of the brand’s best products.

It has Suction power 5200 Paas well as some really cool innovations like dust removal system automatically on the base, mop functionfrom water load if necessary from emptying water when it finishes washing and even automatically cleans the base itself so that it is always as clean as possible.

In addition, it is able to create a 3D map of the house, climb carpets by itself, which we can voice controlhave a daily routine and include fast charging system with which he is able to recharge 30% faster than his rivals.

This Roborock S7 Pro Ultra has incredible discount 27% on AliExpress, leaving the price at just €1,097.10.

Roborock Dyad Smart: clean your floor like you used to

Roborok dyad

If you are a person who still likes to vacuum like before, but without losing the quality of modern devices, Roborock Dyad Smart this is ideal for you.

This is a handheld vacuum cleaner that ensures cleanliness. both dry and wetthanks to the DyadPower system that provides this device with multiple rollers and a dual roller motor.

With a main roller and two rear rollers, it is able to vacuum much more efficiently even in corners. It is very agile to use and moves effortlessly. Carry with you adaptive water treatment and supply systemso that the floor is as good as possible.

The price on AliExpress drops significantly, as the discount for these days of offers remains only at the level of 236.35 euros, that is 58% less.

It is more than clear that we must take advantage of these wonderful offers that he offers us. aliexpress for Days of Roborock. But you need to hurry as they will only last until July 12, 2022. Don’t let them escape.

Source: Computer Hoy

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