One of the few things we know about dark matter it is based on the glow of the galaxies that exist around it. Now a group of astronomers have found another way to shed light on the distant darkness. Possibly through the study of shadowy masses of dark matter that distort the glow of the cosmos. Its name is dark matter because it tells us nothing about its true nature.

It can be a kind of particle-like mass with few properties, similar to a neutrino. Or more simply a reflection misunderstood by mankind. There is no complete theory on how to accurately measure the appearance of dark matter halos. Maybe there is a way and that is to use the collective mass that distorts it starlight pass through the surrounding space.

According to the astrophysicist Hironao Miyatake and colleagues at the University of Nagoya, another existing mode of light is the cosmic microwave background. For example, the echo of light that left the universe 300 thousand years ago and which is now present in the form of weak radiation. This is the first time this method has been used to estimate distant galaxies. It is also used to analyze the distribution of dark matter halos.

Hironao and the team have also fossilized on star-forming objects called Lyman-break galaxies. Clear results were obtained with a sample of almost 1.5 million of these objects. These refer to a halo mass typical of galaxies from nearly 12 billion years ago. Here, such reactions would make it possible to revisit existing models of how the elements formed the first galaxies. In addition, they were also able to explain the origin of dark matter. In short, the story about the birth of the universe.

Source: Lega Nerd

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