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How to find star constellations using a mobile phone


The world of stars and planets is what attracts many people who, although they are not professionals, are very curious about everything that surrounds us.

In some cases they even invest more or less large sums of money to purchase telescopes to be able to admire everything that happens in the sky, but the truth is that this is something that not everyone can afford.

The truth is that the night sky is a real spectacle, and it is no wonder that so many people are attracted to everything that can be seen with the naked eye or with the help of some kind of technological device.

For all those who spend a lot of money on a telescope, or for those who are curious but not ready to invest moderately large amounts of money, there are applications for our mobile devices that will allow us to see the constellations and find the one we want. very easy from your mobile.


So you can find the star constellations with your mobile phone.

We already know that the move to smartphones hasn’t brought some incredible benefits far beyond what we could have imagined, and for the constellations it couldn’t have been otherwise.

With these applications, we will point to the sky with our mobile phone to be able to identify the constellations and enjoy that special magic that everything that has to do with the cosmos radiates.

Applications to see the constellations:

  • starship
  • sky view
  • Star map


This is an application that is present whether you have an Android operating system, your iPhone or iPad.

this is free (although there is a Plus version for 19.99 euros) with really good interfacewhich, besides being well prepared, is intuitive and not demanding for those who do not know how it works.

The app uses our location to find out which constellations will be visible from where we are. We can use our fingers to move around the screen to be able to watch everything. constellations on one device screen.

Another one of the most positive aspects of this application is that we can also see where planets, comets, satellites and other objects space in real time.

Another thing not to be missed is that we can zoom in and out for a different view of planet earth and feel how all its zones look like.

What is clear is that if you are a lover of all this, look at the sky to discover new things, this application will be necessary for you.

SkyView Lite

Both Android users and those with an iPhone or iPad tablet can enjoy this application.

a more complete version of this application costs 1.99 euros.although the Lite version is more than enough to enjoy the constellations.

SkyView Lite

Game Store

What is the idea, the same as in the previous case, in general terms, with the difference that there is no way to scroll with your finger, only it moves when each of us moves our phone.

One of the best parts of this app is augmented realityas it is able to place constellations, planets and other stars at the top of the camera’s viewfinder.

What we’re going to experience with SkyView is an interface that’s not as well prepared as the previous one, but it’s not exactly an ugly or complicated view.

Star map

we can use this application created by Google as an addition to the previous ones, because thanks to them we will be able to learn names of stars, planets and other celestial bodies from our mobile device.

We will not really see the sky as if it happened in the previous ones, but let’s look at the drawings various stars and constellations (as well as planets and others) that are in our radius of action.

Star map

google play store

That’s why we say that it can serve as a complement, because here we are mainly opening names, and with the previous ones we see it, let’s say, in a more real way.

also has a search engine that is really very interestingif we want to know exactly where a star, constellation, planet, etc. is located.

With the help of these applications, you can fully immerse yourself in everything related to contention, it is very easy to admire them.

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