Then at the end of 2020 Huawei turned out to be related to the well-known sanction of the United Statesthe giant has finally registered an improvement in the last quarter of the year, as explained recently on the pages of Bloomberg.

It’s the first sales increase in about two years, with an improvement that’s only 1% according to Bloomberg’s calculations, so it’s certainly not a big milestone, but it sure is. news compared to what we’ve seen so far.

Ken HueHuawei chairman commented on the situation as follows:

While our device manufacturing business has been hit hard, the infrastructure has seen robust growth. As we move forward, we will follow the trends in digitization. Decarbonisation continues to create value for our customers and partners.

It remains natural to find out how the situation will develop in the coming months and years, as the company clearly still has a lot to prove after this first hint of improvement reported by the Bloomberg pages.

Source: Lega Nerd

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