Even Apple, a company with a market cap of nearly $3 trillion, will leave employees behind. It’s another great tech company to announce laid offin view of a possible new global recession.

Apple has been more reluctant than others to leave its employees at home in recent weeks. Even Google had taken a more lenient strategy, limiting itself to announcing a new hire delay in hopes of avoiding a wave of layoffs.

The problem is that even simply cutting new hires produces redundant numbers, and so did Apple. What do you do with a huge division human resource department if you plan to not hold any new interviews or open new positions indefinitely? Not much of course.

Apple has announced that it is ending the employment relationship with approximately 100 contract workers in its HR division, the team that bridges the gap between the rest of the employees and the company and also handles the new hires. The 100 employees who lost their jobs had an outside partnership, and many of them had part-time commitments. Apple, at least for now, has no plans to overhaul its employment relationship, even with permanent employees.

Source: Lega Nerd

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