Rospatent granted Sberbank two patents for technologies created during a study to detect deep fakes, the bank said. Sber plans to use them to protect against cyberattacks, fight fake news, and protect video conference negotiations.

Sber proprietary technology to recognize deepfakes

The technology is based on a series of neural network model suites of the EfficientNet class and a method for amplifying and analyzing micro-changes in the colors of objects in frames using artificial intelligence.

These sets, when combined into a single system, determine with great precision the synthetically modified images of the faces in the video.

The Sbera system allows you to process video content with multiple faces in the frame. In this case, the technology finds an individual that has been synthetically created and evaluates its validity. This allows you to block a number of methods to bypass deepfake detection systems.

The technology showed an efficiency of 98%.

Sber plans to use developments to solve the following tasks:

  • protection against cyber attacks that bypass facial recognition and life detection systems;
  • fight against fake news;
  • protection of negotiations by videoconference.


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Source: RB

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