Armenian citizen living in Spain intentionally lost 321 points from a driver’s license issued by the DGT after multiple penalties for major violations, which also result in the loss of points, in exchange for money. In particular, 91 motorcyclists paid this person between 70 and 200 euros for each point lost, in addition to the amount of the fine in question.

A 28-year-old citizen living in Valencia would be identified as the author of fines, including: even if they were made by women. Also on vehicles owned by companies, where, of course, he did not appear as a worker. He also has an expired driver’s license and is also not a motorcycle driver, but the DGT database contains many violations committed with this type of vehicle.

Price? From 70 to 200 euros per outlet. In other words, if a motorcyclist committed a violation that resulted in the loss of 6 points, in order to get rid of him, he had to pay the author from 420 to 1200 euros. Of course, they also had to pay the citizen an amount corresponding to the fine issued by the DGT, which varies depending on the offense committed.

DGT was unable to spot the huge point loss by taking on the penalties.

The high loss of driving license points, far in excess of what a driver can get (15), however, does not appear to have prompted an alert from the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), where the alarm did not go off. in the blink of an eye, despite the large and unlikely amount of lost points.

The documentary lie was not discovered until the Armed Institute in Mallorca realized that a citizen called himself the author of a serious fine for almost running into the civil guard on the island. However, he was in Valencia just at the time of the event.

In fact, this negligence on the part of the 28-year-old user made the Civil Guard aware of the numerous fines for which he was responsible to the DGT. The Civil Guard is investigating the case of 91 motorcyclists. for evading both payment and forfeiting points based on offenses they themselves committed. They are also accused of forging documents.

Source: Hiper Textual

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