Here, a truly brilliant and fundamental invention. A drone shark what does i bring waste collected in watercourses. The sweeping drone collects debris floating on the surface of the water and returns it to shore before reaching the open sea. Here they are removed by the operators. The name of the device is Waste Shark. It is reminiscent of a whale shark swimming with open jaws to feed on plankton and small fish.

This electronic device also floats open-mouthed on water to absorb all the waste before it is scattered on Earth. To make it was the Dutch company RanMarine, the device can up to 500 kg of waste per day. It runs on battery for an autonomy of about 10 hours and does not use fossil fuels. In addition, to further reduce the impact on the environment, it can be charged via a solar power bank. Finally, it is not harmful to fish. The drone can be controlled remotely by an operator or completely autonomous thanks to sensors and WiFi.

Another important task, besides collecting waste, is registering the drone water health data. Collects information about temperature, turbidity level, oxygen, nitrogen and pH values. It can handle all types of water, but not the open sea. The shark drone is useful to reduce pollution and to protecting the ecosystem. Litter floating hundreds of kilometers off the coast is almost impossible to catch. They eventually become microparticles that are ingested by fish.

Our goal is to develop technologies to make our world more livable and to alleviate the pressure that humans put on ecosystems and our fragile water resources. That is why we want to make waste collection in water more efficient, cheaper and more harmful. compared to current methods.

Richard Hardiman, founder of RanMarine

Source: Lega Nerd

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