The symptom of severe burning in the eyes to the light with relative discomfort in the eyelids could be called photophobia. There may be another problem at the origin. Here’s how to understand what it is. Photophobia is not a pathology, but is related to other problems. It is about intolerance to light which causes eye discomfort and pain.

In addition, it also ensures a continuous trembling of the eyelids to reduce the brightness that catches the eye. Photophobia can be related to an infection, inflammation, or a detachment of the retina. The problem can also be outside the eyes, such as migraines.

However, if the light is really too intense, it means that the problem is external and not from the organ. These are the possibilities causes:

The real pathologies how:

In short, photophobia is a symptom that encompasses many others, even in a mild form.

Here is a short list of these symptoms:

For the diagnosis need one specialist ophthalmologist of trust. At the end of the analysis, you will have a certain answer. However, photophobia has no specific cure, but you must act on the symptoms and causes. Waiting for the doctor’s prescription, but there are precautionary actions follow.

Source: Lega Nerd

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