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Intel’s next top processor will consume more power than your graphics card


A few days ago we told you that the next generation of Intel will be a true generation of power… and consumption. At the time, information was leaked that the i9-13900K would be 27% better than its predecessor, which is fast. We have now learned that this power comes at a price.

Thanks to screenshots, information has been leaked that Intel’s Raptor Lake-S i9-series processors will support a 350W power limit.which is added to the default power limits (PL1/PL2) of up to 241W.

This feature will be available on select Intel 700 motherboards and to our knowledge it performs better than the current Alder Lake (12th gen) lineup.


As noted by ProHardver, powering down the Alder Lake processors beyond the PL2 limit did not provide a noticeable performance improvement, mainly because the processor was not designed for that kind of power.

So, for Raptor Lake-S, this concept will be extended to supported platforms. The 125W PL1 and 253W PL2 limits will remain the same as the Core i9-13900K series for compatibility. with Intel 600 series motherboards.

Nonetheless, supported Intel 700 series motherboards and systems equipped with suitable cooling solutions will have the option to enable 350W mode.. The site emphasizes the importance of cooling in this mode (water, and not everyone will).


Intel Arc, a GPU capable of taking on AMD and Nvidia

This feature is said to improve performance by 15% over the standard “High Performance” mode. And while consumption is skyrocketing, for those looking for maximum performance, it shouldn’t matter: having more FPS than anyone else comes at a cost.

To give us an idea The NVIDIA RTX 3080, a typical high-end graphics card, consumes 320W TDP. That is, for the first time we see that the TOP CPU consumes more than the GPU of the same range. With these numbers we should see 1000W sources…

Intel will announce its 13th generation Core series on September 27, with a launch scheduled for mid-October.. Core i9-13900K is the flagship of the series with 24 cores (8P + 16E) and power up to 5.8 GHz.

Source: Computer Hoy

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