New British research disproves one of the great truths in Agriculture. Protecting fields by preserving their nature is increasing biodiversity and the productivity at the same time. It is a ten-year project being carried out with the monitoring of an experiment funded by the UK government.

Some wildlife habitats were created in 2005 on a 1,000 acre farm in Buckinghamshire. They preferred pollination and a pest control. The yield of the land has increased. This is to see if these choices can reduce the loss of biodiversity of species important for agricultural production (pollinators and predators of parasites).

In the past, after the Second World War, it was more important in England to maintain the productivity and use of chemicals than toecosystem. So the discovery of that study was more than positive. The species in question have increased compared to other agricultural landscapes without agri-environmental measures. There is an increase of one third of the bird species (linnet, yellowhammer, finch). Butterflies have also increased in number by 40% (the guardian and the white and green veins have more than doubled).

By analyzing changes in populations over a significant period of time and comparing them to other locations, we can be sure that agri-environmental options can lead to long-term benefits for bird and butterfly populations.

dr. John Redhead of UKCEH (British Center for Ecology and Hydrology)

Source: Lega Nerd

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