The ticket for the public transport until Milan it will go up to €2.20 per ticket. An economic choice that goes against the values ​​of sustainability and green policies to reduce emissions in large cities. In Rome and Genoa, they learn how free local public transport encourages citizens to leave the car. On the other hand, Milan makes a completely different choice. It seems that the 10% increase in bus, tram and metro costs depended on an inflation correction that public transport must receive.

If we could have chosen, we certainly would not have decided now to adjust the ISTAT rate for local public transport tickets, in an economically difficult time for citizens. The municipality is obliged to find this increase, it can only decide on who, if on all citizens, should tax through the municipal budget, if on all those who use public transport, or only on those who use it occasionally

Arianna Censi, Councilor of the Municipality of Milan

Local public transport agencies (Tpl) are completely free to decide whether to apply Istat updates or not. If they decide to act in that direction, it’s up to them to choose how and where they want to influence the remodeling and how they match or compensate the companies.

Claudia Terzi, Councilor for Infrastructure and Transport in the Lombardy Region

For the time being, the increase only relates to individual tickets and not to subscriptions. Terzi also indicates that it was the companies and associations in the sector that requested the adjustment. All in response to the fall in revenues due to the Coronavirus and the general increase in costs. However, the best choice would have been not to increase costs in such a complicated period. A way to discourage public transport local. Among other things, negative and contrary to what is foreseen in the 2030 agenda that relates to the development and promotion of sustainable mobility.

Source: Lega Nerd

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