This year back to school brought endless respiratory infections which continue to grow more and more as the cold is increasing. It is not simple COVID-19it’s the same flu or respiratory syncytial virus. In addition, in the youngest children, many of these pathogens result in increased cases of bronchiolitis, a condition that can become very serious in this age group. Pediatricians must provide the most appropriate treatment for these diseases, if necessary. However, many families still prefer home remedies such as placing a plate with onion pieces in the room where the children sleep. There are even those who go further and place this vegetable right inside your sock.

This is a tradition that seems to go back to century XVIwhen it was believed that onions could absorb room diseases. Later, other hypotheses were put forward, for example, that its content in sulfur compounds could help in the treatment of infections. Or even been given the truth about his placement in a sock under the orphanage of beliefs reflexology.

However, to this day there is no absolute scientific evidence that there is any benefit from it. Moreover, if we trust the miracles of onions, we can stop resorting to other methods of treatment. really effective. And the fact is that usually these diseases go away on their own, without the need for treatment. But, if this were not so, then it is clear that no vegetable would be more effective than medicine.

Onions for colds: from the 16th century to the present day

In the 16th century, it was not known exactly how the diseases that caused large epidemics were transmitted. There was a suspicion that the air was poisoned in some way so that the conditions pass from one person to another. Later, in the 19th century, Louis Pasteur proposed germ theory of diseasewhich stated that microorganisms are transmitted from one person to another, transmitting all kinds of infections.

In the 16th century, the use of the bow spread because it supposedly could clean polluted air. Therefore, when proposing the germ theory of disease, this assumption was changed to suggest that in fact, onions are capable of absorb viruses and bacteria which cause diseases, removing them from the body of patients.

There are various legends about this. Like a supposed family that was completely cured in the midst of the Spanish flu epidemic by spreading onions in the rooms where they rested. But all this is not true. Least It’s not true that the bow was useless. Mainly because the infection occurs inside the patient’s body. There is no way to absorb these microbes. Especially with onions, which, moreover, is not a very favorable environment for the reproduction of these pathogens.

Yes, there may be people who think that onions have cured the flu or the common cold. But that’s because they tend to viral infections that go away on their own, No treatment. If a cure occurs immediately after you start using the onion, you might think that this was the cause.


Reflexology also has no scientific evidence

Although the sulfur compounds in onions have been studied to relieve colds, there is no evidence that they are really that effective. Much less for something as simple as putting it on a plate in the room.

As for stuffing in stockings, today those who support it are defenders reflexology. This is a form of alternative medicine that assumes that the feet are a kind of map of the whole body, so that if certain areas are affected, certain organs can be treated. That’s what the bow will do: press into the leg.

However, there are no well-designed studies demonstrating the effectiveness of reflexology. Also, even if it were effective, the location of the bulb is usually random, without affecting specific areas of the body. sole of the foot

In short, onions in any form are useful against respiratory infections that are invading kindergartens and schools this winter. Washing hands and using masks in dangerous situations it is much more effective than any vegetable. And when an infection sets in, if the symptoms get worse, only modern medicine has the clues to try to solve them. I wish it was as easy as sleeping with an onion.

Source: Hiper Textual

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