Tesla fans are pretty specific. And one in particular has gone one step further in merging as closely as possible with its electric vehicle. Even to the point of implanting in his hand the key to his Tesla, so as not to bring a mobile phone or a card closer. And, most importantly, do not lose it.

Brandon Dalali went to great lengths to keep his car keys close at hand (no better). hand in hand from a biotech startup called VivoKey, he had a microchip implanted in his right arm containing access keys to his Tesla. And although it seems fantastic, it turned out quite well. He works great and simply getting close to his car unlocks him.

This is another one in a small group of people who tests VivoKey NFC technology, with the intention of using it in more than just cars. Moreover, the project is focused on any system that works via NFC. The system does not work by removing the chip from the Tesla key, but by reprogramming a special chip from a company called Apex.

The idea is to include a credit card in addition to the Tesla key.

Brandon Dalali/Teslarati

As crazy as it sounds, the truth is that Brandon Dalai has already gone through a similar process, also with VivoKey technology. Before the implantation of Tesla’s Dalai key another chip, linked to his house key, was placed in his left hand.. In addition, it also contains your medical information, vaccination card, and some other useful documents. And he wants to go further by adding a credit card to his new chip:

The general idea was that I would have my house key in my left hand and my car key in my right hand. And I can use it anywhere there are Touch-to-Pay terminals.

VivoKey Chips covered with biocompatible materials as biopolymers and bioglasses; so that they are accepted by the body’s natural tissues without rejection, and your body can “adapt to the chip”. And by the looks of it, they can shine too, as if it were a bad Blade Runner sequel.

Oh, and yes, there is a video:

Source: Hiper Textual

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