A team of researchers came up with the first prototype of one battery Is made from paper activated with water. The advantage is the biodegradability, as half of the batteries in Europe are not recycled. To create the battery, the researchers started from the base of a small piece of paper submerged in salt water. Then they let it dry.

Two poles have been made. One positive with graphite on the side of the card and a negative on the other with zinc dust. Ink with graphite and carbon black was then applied on both sides. A way to connect the two poles from which two electrical wires start.

The battery voltage reached 1.2 volts by running a digital alarm display for an hour. When the battery is moistened with water, the sodium chloride dissolves releasing charged ions that activate it, powering the device. However, the battery has two limits. one is there low density energy and the other is that if the water dries up, the battery will stop working. The first limit can be overcome by increasing the battery or by combining several batteries. The second limitation is more difficult to solve.

When the battery is open, the water will gradually evaporate. If the water evaporates, the battery will stop working.


In short, to have electric vehicles with paper batteries, we will have to wait a few years.

Source: Lega Nerd

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