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The sixth DGT label you probably didn’t know about: what are they for and who can they benefit?


For some, DGT labels are like La Liga cards, you have to get them all. But this is not always possible, and in fact there are labels that have a special meaning denoting a certain type of vehicle, making it impossible for others to use them due to certain issues imposed by the General Directorate of Highway Traffic.

The most common labels on vehicles are Zero, Eco, B, and C. It is generally believed that these labels have run out of all the differentiating features that a DGT has on various vehicles, and that in some cases this makes it a good reason when buying as a used car, and new.

In fact, when buying a new car, it is quite common to look for a specific label. Of course, if you’re thinking about buying a new car, the best thing you can do is wait a couple of weeks. as we explained a few days ago. And now the best thing to do is be patient.



Car buying tips aside, we’ll talk about the sixth DGT label you probably didn’t know and the reason for its existence as well as its usefulness. The DGT label is called V-26 and has a very specific use, being a badge for public vehicles..

Come on, this is a label that is used to indicate those vehicles that users can rent or request by any user from private companies to move around cities during certain periods of time. We deal with those shared rental vehicles, both cars and motorcycles.

The usefulness of this marking is that users can distinguish this type of vehicle and to allow the cars themselves to use a number of lanes, such as a high traffic lane or HOV.. In addition, the label also makes it easier for road agents to identify this type of vehicle.

Having the utility, only cars offering this type of service will be the ones that can carry them in the upper left corner of the front windshield, as required by the rule. We hope that everything has become clear regarding the DGT V-26 label, which can only be used in carsharing or motorcycle vehicles..

Source: Computer Hoy

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