THE Products which should not be missing in the shopping cart cost they are fruits, vegetables, sausages, cheeses and many others. Recently, however, they touched each other Prices stores bringing an increasing number of Italian families to their knees. From the research of Altroconsumo Italian supermarkets it is clear which ones can save. A sample of more than 1.6 million prices was analyzed in 1,171 points of sale in 67 Italian cities.

The survey results showed not only the cheapest discounters, but also the benefits that can be obtained on the basis of product prices. If citizens can save on their expenses on the one hand, they will also have to deal with the rise in gas prices on the other. Returning to the Altroconsumo survey, it refers to a period from March 7 to April 1, 2022. It takes into account 126 categories, including products for the home, personal care and other items of all kinds. In addition, three different types of expenditure are distinguished:

It can be concluded from the analysis that the prices of Italian supermarkets and hypermarkets are rising more variable Than you think. But to the point, what are the supermarkets that do that? save money considerable? At the top of the rankings are Famila and the Dok group. It is a matter of choosing to buy products of a very different origin and quality. For the big brands we go to Esselunga. Ultimately, the discounters with low-priced products are Aldi and Eurospin.

Here is the top-15 of the cheapest supermarkets conducted by the Altroconsumo survey regarding mixed releases.

Source: Lega Nerd

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