Getting an undergraduate degree at a private university can be very expensive. especially, up to 27 million pesos in the case of the most expensive academic program in the country.

And while the above is the highest tuition fee situation, the truth is that universities often considered the best in the country Tuition costs in excess of 10 million pesos, Medicine, Business and engineering courses are the most expensive.

As we are on the verge of college enrollment season, it is worth taking a look at the academic offer to have a clear budget, but also, as will be mentioned later, to know the available alternatives for accessing higher education without dying. .

It has long been known how expensive a bachelor’s degree in medicine can be. What you may not know is the value that a student and family of this career currently has to pay.

Today, it is the most expensive program in the entire country. medicine University of the Andes, It has a tuition fee of $27,736,000. However, depending on the date, this value may be exceeded at the factory. Universidad del Rosario, starting value $27,400,000. This year, after September 20, it will cost $29,044,000 at that final college, and $29,592,000 after October 9.

EL TIEMPO consulted the price chart of the most expensive universities in the country and found that the following were the careers with the highest price in the market.

Undoubtedly the most expensive university Los Andes, where all their programs, regardless of faculty, cost $19,492,000 per semesterIt’s something some people are willing to pay for, as it’s the best in the world according to the latest QS ranking and is a globally recognized Colombian institution in 2020.

Then there is Business Management. Higher College of Management Studies (CESA). This university, which is also one of the best institutions in the country, has an international reputation for its quality in administration and related programs. $17,990,000 per semester.

While the costs of private universities can be high, it is important to remember that there are a number of programs and benefits that will assist those seeking access to higher education.

Without going any further, at the Los Andes School of Medicine, only 54 percent of students pay their careers in cash; the remaining 46 percent benefit from in-house scholarships, government scholarships (programs such as Generation E), or banking institutions or Icetex loans.

In this way, universities often have scholarship options or funding opportunities.

And if these options are not enough, there is always the option to aspire to someone State University, having a more limited quota; in the case of the best, they tend to be more selective towards their students, depending on their academic level.

Costs in public institutions vary according to the applicant’s university, career and socioeconomic level. The spectrum is broad and can range from just $80,000 to $8,000,000 or more per semester.


Source: Exame

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