Social media is evolving at breakneck speed. Some of them, such as Messenger or Fotolog, seem almost like prehistory to us. Later Tuenti and Facebook appeared, one has already disappeared, the other has changed quite a bit what is considered to be its public. Others, like Twitter and Instagram, are at their peak, but don’t lose sight of TikTok, whose videos are a hit with the younger generation. I burst into that whirlpool of format change just two years ago Be realan application of French origin that offers what it promises: unfiltered photos that show the reality of the person behind the social network.

For this reason, BeReal positions itself as a social network that can deal with these problems arising from superficiality from other social networks. Idyllic lives and photos with filters become a huge source problems with self-esteemespecially among younger users. All these problems disappear when we are in front of a social network in which it is impossible to program images.

However, there may be others. The fact that it is the social network that decides when to take photos of users can lead to some anxiety or to force some young people (or not so young people) to always try to be perfect in order to come out on the other side of the camera. This is a tricky question, although there’s no denying that BeReal represents a big evolution in social media.

This is how BeReal works

BeReal differs from other social networks in that the uploaded images cannot be programmed. We can’t look for the perfect outfit, the perfect sunset, or the best breakfast. BeReal shows the real life of its users with their good and bad days. To do this, send Notification people with a profile created at different times of the day. Only then can a picture be taken, for which both the front and rear cameras are activated. Thus, the user’s photo is not only visible, but also shows what he is doing or where he is.

No time for schedule a good photo. In fact, that person’s followers can tell if they took a photo for a long time or deleted it. After that, it remains visible for 24 hours and starts again. Of course, there are no filter options or any other improvements. Pure reality.

Social media problem

Social networks are a good tool to communicate with people from all over the world, learn news or interesting topics or even find a job. Each has its own function. But they also have a darker side.

Many studies show that they can cause a wide range of harm to their users, from insomnia to anxiety, while passing through depression or self-esteem issues. This applies to everyone, but especially teenagers and young adults. And this can happen with almost any social network, although some, like Instagram, are more likely to cause this type of problem. In fact, it is this social network that is considered a risk factor for developing eating disorders in vulnerable people.

However, there are also studies that show that social networks are the ideal tool for informing the little ones about mental health problems. Therefore, they are a double-edged sword and, as such, can be directed in a more positive direction. This is partly what BeReal is trying to do, although there are some considerations to keep in mind.


Tyranny seasoned with complexes

The pros and cons of BeReal largely depend on the approach and its use, as well as user predisposition. hypertext talked about this double meaning with Eli Soler, a psychologist specializing in adolescence. “The original idea behind the app was to take users by surprise and take breathtaking pictures. real moments, and not prepared, as is the case in other applications, ”recalls the expert. “A priori This seems like a good idea, but the fact that it’s the app that says or requires how and when to take a picture can create relations of tyranny“. In that sense, he points out that it doesn’t help that the app penalizes if the photo isn’t uploaded on time.

As for the lack of filters, the psychologist sees this as something positive. The problem is that if BeReal users are young people who previously had certain complexes about their physique, this “leads to them wanting to always be ready in case they need to take a picture, always wanting to be groomed, made up and well dressed.” But the problem here is that “the era of filters has left us even more exposed to so-called imperfections.”

BeReal does more good than harm

Despite everything, Eli Soler believes that BeReal offers more benefits than risks. “I think if it’s really successful and effective, it’s a good way to promote diverse and true beautystop pretending to have perfect lives and leave behind the selfishness promoted by other apps.” In addition, given that this is a social network that is gaining more and more popularity among young people, it will help solve these problems in the population most susceptible to them.

Also, although we sometimes insist on considering the youngest as weak and vulnerable people, it is they who the courage to put a very serious problem on the table. “Of course, adults would find it unthinkable to upload photos in pajamas and with dark circles under their eyes, but let’s remember that young people have proven to be the most courageous to naturally talk about issues like anxiety.” With all this, BeReal, even with its own problems, could be a step forward in the fight against the stereotypes that other social networks have promoted. “Over time, we’ll see if BeReal becomes a mirror of reality or another ego war to see who gives more.” We’ll have to wait to find out.

Source: Hiper Textual

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