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Matter arrives on Android, the smart home standard for everyone


Nowadays, all or almost all of us already have a smart home in our homes and it is quite difficult when you use devices from different brands that don’t work together. standard GoogleMatter wants to address this issue and will already be rolling out to android.

In short, Matter is the smart home industry standard developed by Google in collaboration with other companies. to help you make all kinds of connections. You just need to enable Matter to be able to link them all.

The big plus is that with the purchase of any device with Matter, the setup process is quick and consistent. With just a few taps, you can easily link it to your home network, other smart home ecosystem, and your home apps. operating system Android.

And yes, we say Android because expert Mishaal Rahman explains that this feature will be available on this operating system soon.


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When will Matter arrive on Android devices?

Currently The Matter API is currently in closed beta on Play Services. and that you usually have to manually enable these settings before they show up. This may indicate that Google is finally preparing to launch this novelty.

The new setting appears as part of the Shared Devices and Services section of your Google Account Settings and appears to be quite far in the testing process as it has appeared in Account Settings for some of them.

Full compatibility with Matter expected autumn 2022, so for the greater good, we won’t have to wait too long for it to arrive on our Android phones. We discard that there are already many companies at IFA 2022 showed products compatible with this new standardso it seems that we are facing a novelty that is gaining momentum.

Source: Computer Hoy

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