Revolut is chasing PayPal and Amazon Pay. The new service was launched in these hours Revolut Paywith which you can perform direct online payments, fast and safe. The service is available to everyone, including those who do not have a Revolut current account.

Merchants can choose to include Revolut Pay in their payment methods. At that point, a new button appears, next to those of the other solutions, which returns the user to the page where the account information must be entered.

Revolut customers can use their already stored credit cards, as well as their account balance, while everyone else can link their compatible Mastercard or Visa cards.

Revolut Pay is based entirely on Revolut’s payment technology and represents a further step towards building the company’s payment ecosystem, enabling Revolut to enable transactions between retail and corporate customers. Revolut’s new direct payments solution also offers lower fees to its business customers

reads the press release announcing the launch of the new initiative.

The security of the payment service is guaranteed by:biometric authentication two-factor. The user will receive a notification on the phone to verify transactions – just use their fingerprint or facial recognition. Revolut also promises competitive commissions for merchants, with no hidden fees or monthly payments.

Source: Lega Nerd

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