A week after the Apple presentation, I remember Apple Watch Ultra the most. I would even buy them. But I don’t know why.

I’m not an athlete and I’m not very interested in it. AW Series 7 is enough for my eyes. Most of the time I just look at them and at the counter. But for some reason I want Ultra.

Ultra will not buy? For whom they cause happened. Those same super-duper extreme athletes, with their ultra-requests. At best, try and exchange your “garmins”. Or in general, something that we have not seen in our lives, and the manufacturing company does not even know.

Apple Watch Ultra is another example of the cognitive dissonance between reality and Apple advertising. And so they are interesting as the personification of the marketing of the entire company. Let’s look at them and derive a success formula that sells Cupertino appliances to the world over and over again. the same “secret sauce”. Let’s start with a direct comparison.

Garmin responded briefly (to the point) to the presentation of the Apple Watch Ultra

I translate: “We measure battery life in months. Not in hours.

Many competing manufacturers hurried to joke or troll new devices who are Apple. But, unlike the dull attempts of Samsung, Garmin see to the root.

Apple Watch Ultra has never competed with Garmin


Everything when someone talks about the Apple Watch is in science for sports. Garmin has managed to do what no one else has done in the world of smartwatches – to find a niche of equipment for real athletes and gain a foothold in it as an absolute leader.

Why did it happen? Because Garmin took the offer from the very beginning for extreme sports and professional athletes. And not those who want them article.

Take one of the company’s current flagship models, the Enduro 2, as an example. Take a look at their features page and articulate a clear perception of the watch’s measurements. Only one independent work is detailed exactly, so detailed should be the detailed sections of the specifics of a professional sports instrument. There are 9 lines, among which:

■ Mental clock mode: up to 34 days or 46 days on battery power
■Power saving mode: up to 111 days or 550 days from
■ GPS: up to 110 hours or 150 hours with
[…]■ All satellite systems and music: up to 20 hours

These 20 hours of work of the result bank are not expected, but series 7 and 8 in the same protocol give half as much: only 11 hours. From ultra it is also useless to wait more than 15 hours at the same load level.

More important is something else. Typical Enduro 2 battery life is at least twice and up to 550 times longer than Apple’s flagship watch. The owners of the previous generation of enduros appear for 10-15 days without recharging, their use is observed according to a sports performance …

Apple Watch Ultra still not for “extreme”


Compare common photos of the same Garmin Enduro 2 and Apple Watch Ultra. One shines through with harsh reality, but you need to look for a product with a magnifying glass. At the second beautiful “setting”, where only the HOURS are important. This difference is not accidental.

Even during the presentation, many readers who are diving or running, visit in the comments and especially ask reasonable questions related to their area of ​​interest and occupation.

Who is it? What’s the difference! The athlete is secondary, so black and white. Main message: “what kind of watch does he have on his hand”

For example, the theme of diving. According to the presentation slide, Ultra is certified for diving up to 100 metersjust like, let’s say Garmin Enduro 2. And no doubt, Apple’s dive computer turned out beautiful.

But who are all these shots for professional diving for, if in fact it is impossible for Ultra to reach a depth of 40 meters?

Apple Watch Ultra is water resistant rating 100 meters according to ISO 22810. Apple Watch Ultra cannot be used for diving below 40 meters..

– Apple.com website

Yes, Apple quietly, in small print, admits on the watch pages: after 40 meters performance is not guaranteed. So it goes.

Thank you for making the bracelet realistically wet. A frame from an Apple Watch Ultra ad.

Or take a sapphire crystal. It is more fragile than usual and decomposes easily. What then are the “ascents” with modern watches? Once I hit a pebble badly, and the whole set of devices is under repair, where the replacement cost will be the same pair of Series 8. Where can you find the ASC on the mountain, in an open field?

Reality again diverges from advertising, as soon as those whom the company showed in commercials begin to look for confirmation of the sermons of promises in new watches. What are the chances that after real A professional athlete or an “extreme” lover buys a Garmin, not an Apple Watch Ultra? Very tall. And vice versa.

It’s not just the athletes. Of course, many of us charged the watch once a day, and sometimes every two days, completely on the original battery. However, a lot of people still don’t get smartwatches because they don’t download them as often. Such Apple people have nothing to offer even in the top model. 36 hours. This is not serious.

No matter how advanced, strong, dense the AW Ultra are, their battery life still puts an end to the interest of most of the coverage of the watch. There is nothing to say about ordinary AWs: this is still a “casual” story, which in 2022 we will not even call realists.

For whom then are the most powerful and advanced AW Ultra?

The answer is simple: it is the so-called suction device. There is a device that symbolizes the desire for the best, for the necessary lifestyle and “vibe”.

Apple Watch Ultra plan, you are an athlete, “extreme”, go and achieve. Even the entire fitness tracking system at Apple is similar: for 9 years, she still spends hours, doesn’t know that even athletes have fasting days when you don’t knock out 1,500 calories and don’t have to train for 45 minutes. No rest, just go!

Marketing frame from the Apple Watch Ultra page. This is their “message”, goal, aspiration, not reality.

Apple is a leader and trendsetter in the field of presented devices, and it is on this idea that the company’s marketing is built with qualities. There is nothing wrong. Strive for the best is normal. But when the next new suction device for stepping on the fruits, those very fruits experience cognitive dissonance.

For example, it appeared with the iPad when Apple came out and said it was actually a “computer”. Okay, the professionals tested the devices and said: where are the applications that we need? No answer yet, for the exceptional common-five programs (Procreate, Lumafusion, uh… folks, help with two more) the iPad Pro with the M1 doesn’t address many of the needs of those it’s intended for.

Catch more An illustrative example of how advertising and reality differ. After all, at the presentation, Apple drew attention to the fact that highly qualified extreme athletes from various fields participated in the creation of the Apple Watch Ultra. Okay, let’s measure the watch on this bar.

There is an episode in the Apple Watch Ultra commercial where marathon runner running in the desert. The shots are beautiful, exotic and without context the open jars are strange. Why run into the desert? But such an event really exists – it is called the Sahara Marathon (Marathon de Sable).

Competitors climb 251 kilometers in tough conditions, and this is considered one of the toughest foot races on Earth. We can safely say that 99% of those reading these lines do not physically eat to participate in this race. Professionally? And then! A real super-ultra-extreme.

And now imagine that the participant put on an extreme, professional Apple Watch Ultra. The duration of the marathon is 6 days. The Apple Watch Ultra has a battery life of 3.75 days. in absolutely optimal conditions and a new battery saving mode, when almost all non-critical functions are turned off.

I think comments are unnecessary.

Apple Watch Ultra is just a smartwatch with cool sports features for ordinary people

Here is the reality of AW Ultra. Just a smart watch with cool sports equipment on a normal hand in a normal everyday situation. Photo: PCMag

Expect cool and even important stories in the coming weeks and months as athletes from almost every corner of the world have achieved success with the Apple Watch Ultra. Many then take pictures in such hours during regular training. The watch itself is good, there are many pluses in them. But not so extreme a lot, as Apple put everything in advertising.

Cognitive dissonance takes on image and reality in everything that concerns reality. professional the frequency of Apple technology, I personally got fed up. I would like reality to be less at odds with “aspiration” marketing. This is extremely appropriate in relation to the AW Ultra, and to many other devices from the company.

With the second part of the title figured out. The first one sounded like this. Who needs an Apple Watch Ultra? Really, who their audience?

The answer is simple: absolutely the same people who would buy the former Apple Watch. it resale on emotions, built in the best traditions of business. Nothing personal.

So do not look for big reasons, they took Ultra if you liked them too. And don’t expect revelations from them. At best, they are motivated for sporting achievements. In a simplified manner, they pass as a passing topic for talking with people. Just a good watch, in many ways better than previous generations.

Apple’s desire to make devices for those who aspire to be supported not only by the power of iron and beautiful advertising, but also by real strength in those very aspirations. It turns out that the company motivates consumers to achieve more, but it happens that they have to fulfill their promises to the finish line and get up somewhere halfway. As if they are afraid that they will get such a successful and successful device that the generation will not buy so eagerly …

Source: Iphones RU

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