Yesterday Google announced its new media player chrome casting With Android (especially integrates twelfth version) and this, fire tv stick from Amazon. To achieve this, the equipment has reduced its price as well as its features. It’s a logical thing. The fact is that at the moment the device in the well-known online store remains the most interesting option to buy, and there are several things that make us think about it.

Costs of products released by Mountain View company 39.99 €… on par with its Amazon competitor in terms of price and features. would be ideal reduced a little, but the creator firm of Android wanted not to bet on that, so the competition isn’t better due to the expense involved. And it’s always negative that you want to drive sales (and unconsciously, when explicitly stated). other manufacturer did things right because you can’t handle it).

Hardware not exceeding Fire TV Stick

Without going into specific details about the component included as a processor, what is clear is that both are sufficient to move images elsewhere. 1080p (at 60Hz in both cases). The fluidity is good either way, so there is no improvement in the new Chromecast HD. Again, it can’t outperform Amazon players. Also, since both devices have enough storage, both have enough storage so that you don’t experience any restrictions while installing apps that have an official store for this purpose. Too much equality, right?

White Google Chromecast Player


Well, considering I’m using the new Chromecast premium version and Fire TV Stick, the latter outperforms the former in some important details, in my opinion. There is an example in user interface, which is much clearer and easier to understand – especially since Google TV uses so many episodes with images that may confuse some. In addition, syncing with accessories is less of a hassle, and unofficial apps are also much easier to install. Here, for example, it is possible to set up an additional store on Chromecast, which is terrifying.

Beside remote control Amazon’s players are better than Google’s. Secondly, it is particularly small, it is of no use. Also, it’s not a positive thing for the accessory to dance on the table when placed due to its curved surface, which on more than one occasion causes it to fall. And to all this we must add that, Fire TV design is more functional, as it is less irritating when connected to the TV. The additional cable the new Chromecast has that causes its casing to sag excessively can even be a problem for the HDMI port itself.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Player


Google’s new product is better at some things

One of the things that the color doesn’t have is in the USB port. One of the new Chromecast type c, which is much better than the Micro of Fire. So you can get rid of the hassle with almost any charger available for the phone. Something not available on Amazon.

On the other hand, it must be said that there is also a solution. sound offered by the new Google player is better than Fire TV Stick. And this allows you to enjoy more precision while enjoying content if you use a soundbar.

best choice right now

Note that the image quality is pretty much the same (including support for high dynamic range options like HDR) and the power isn’t much better on either model at the moment. Fire TV Stick provides superior possibilities in more sections. Moreover, the price is just as attractive. Google has made a good move, but it still needs some improvement.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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