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iPhone 14 secret Apple didn’t want to tell you


apple launch about the new iPhone 14 series, which took place a few weeks ago, continues to give the media a lot of news about unknown specifications or some other aspects that Apple chose to keep to itself.

And the fact is that with respect to the latter it turns out that iPhone 14 has a new secret design feature. Apple has changed the interior design of the smartphone so that users can remove and replace both the back glass of the device and its screen simply by removing two screws, according to the iFixit disassembly.

This will of course allow anyone with minimal knowledge to make a replacement, or Apple Store employees or other independent repair companies to replace screenrear glass and phone battery, for example, easily.

Of course, note that while the rest of the models include improvements over the iPhone 14, these they do not include this repair credit.


iPhone 14

Apple includes this novelty in the midst of a convulsive framework

Mansana launched a self-service store with iPhone parts and tools in April. Little by little, we are already seeing the program roll out to other regions, including Europe and other Mac models, which will continue throughout this year.

For example, on August 23, Apple added the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models equipped with M1 family chips to its self-service repair program.

And that’s what the defenders of the cause keep insisting on enact laws that give consumers access to the manuals, tools and parts they need for the repair of electronic devices

Self-service repair is part of Apple’s Efforts to Expand Access to RepairsAlthough, of course, seeing how difficult it is in some cases, most of us will go to an official service to do the work for us.

Over the past three years, Apple has doubled the number of service centers with access to original parts, tools, and training. including more than 3500 independent repair shops.

Of course, with all that said, Apple’s launch with its new iPhone 14 seems to qualify for claims filed for infringement of the right to repair.

Source: Computer Hoy

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