In Milan, thanks to the intuition of Green Active, one just opened eco-friendly gym. It is a reality that involves physical activity online and live. Green Active is a network that deals with muscle training and sustainability. The company offers its customers a clothing set that respects the environment and also an app that provides advice on how to lead an environmentally sustainable daily life. Of every subscription collected by Green Active, 10% is donated to APS Green Healthy, an association that plants trees and protects bees.

Even singer Fedez, sporty and attentive to any social problem, attended the inauguration of the gym in Milan. Green Active is just one of many sustainability ideas associated with sport. For example, there are plates from surfing which are made from almost 100% post-consumer recycled plastic waste.

Another case cites the Columbia Climate School, a climate research school it founded balls from tennis ecological with high performance. They are produced with a new tire without compressed air and last 4 times longer than the classic ones. Another example is volleyball in a project on the recovery of discarded fishing nets and theirs to recycle in networking of volleyball.

Source: Lega Nerd

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