Hotel reservation service MTS Travel (part of the MTS digital ecosystem) has appointed two senior managers: a business development director and a sales director from its subsidiary This is indicated in the MTS message.

MTS Travel appointed two new top managers

Sergey Eremkin, who, before joining MTS, led business teams in Yandex divisions and previously worked at Microsoft and Intel, became the Director of Business Development at MTS Travel.

Eremkin will be responsible for monetization and pricing, partnerships with hotels, travel aggregators and other companies in the travel market, including international ones. Under his leadership, the company will develop joint products with other verticals in the MTS ecosystem.

Previously, this position was held by Chavdar Stoyanov, who is now on the company’s board of directors.

The company representative clarified to RB.RU that the position of sales director is new. Andrey Kupriyanov, who previously headed sales at IT and fintech companies, became the sales director of the subsidiary. Kupriyanov will participate in expanding the customer vertical of the business.

andrey kupriyanov

The MTS Travel hotel reservation service began operations in 2022. To develop the hotel management, the company bought the Bronevik service, which has direct contracts with hotels, apartments and other accommodation facilities. MTS Travel also includes a hotel exhibition of the same name, a branded online magazine and the Subtleties of Tourism portal.


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Source: RB

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