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Amazon Kids arrives at Alexa in Spain, entertainment for the little ones at home


While smart speakers aren’t meant for kids, why not expand the spectrum and let the little ones at home enjoy technology too? To this end, Amazon Kids was born into Alexa, which is now coming to Spain.

Starting today and with a free software update, Alexa users will be able to create a special profile for children under 12 years old, which will allow them to activate or deactivate certain features.. Users will have the option to associate it with a specific device or automatically activate with a profile definition.

The goal of Amazon Kids in Alexa is offer entertainment and activities that allow you to learn and have fun for the little ones in the house, using only your voice and a device with Alexa, as simple as that. Keep in mind, this must be an Echo or Echo Show smart speaker.

“Amazon Kids on Alexa is a service designed to enrich the experience for kids and their parents. Technology, when used correctly, can play a positive role in family life.With […]. Amazon gives them the tools.”comments Gianmaria Visconti, Alexa Regional Manager for Spain, France and Italy.


Amazon Echo Dot 2020 – Sound in Spotify

What can we do with Amazon Kids on Alexa with Echo or Echo Show

First of all it will create a profile for a child through the Alexa app so that it recognizes your voice and can automatically tailor its responses or content to the child.

The list of features that Amazon Kids offers with Alexa includes explicit content filter this will prevent Alexa from showing content inappropriate for children, both in its replies and on streaming services such as Spotify or Amazon Music.

Note that Amazon Kids will also take care of block any purchases by voicenot to be afraid. It also includes several Skills, education and entertainmentand playlists with books and educational content. In short, you will become a new teacher as you will also be able to answer math or science questions.


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Parents, in turn, may limit the amount of time children can use this device or set schedules for its use. For example, you can set a cut-off time of 21:00 pm, for example, while a relaxing song is playing, so that later it turns off and the child stops using the device. device.

Finally, something that is sure to grab the attention of kids with Amazon Kids is some new skills like “Lingokids”. for the little ones to learn new languagesor “Talk to Pocoyo” A skill to learn from the hands of a famous cartoon character that kids are sure to love.

Source: Computer Hoy

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