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Android Auto for mobile loses fundamental Google Maps feature


Even though many users use Android Auto on a daily basis, Google has an update rate that could be much better and, above all, much more consistent on a general level, as we have found in recent weeks that Android Auto has not stopped losing features. or show errors.

What was seen today is that Android Auto it has lost one of the most important features of Google Maps and therefore it will no longer be as useful as it used to be. It will actually affect the overall experience as by losing this feature, users won’t have as much control over Android Auto.

Even though Google is the company behind Android and the manufacturer of mobile phones like the Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro that have just been released, sometimes the decisions they make are quite questionable, like what we we see today. . And that Google Maps is losing one of its great achievements in recent years.

We are talking about the ability to use this Google app in floating mode without taking up the entire screen of the device. Yes, until now it was possible to do this in Android Auto. What’s happening is that all of this is about to change for the worse, or at least that’s how it was seen thanks to a find in the Android Auto beta.

Google Maps says goodbye to one of its best features in Android Auto

Autoevolution international media echoed the recent revelation that Android Auto will radically change the way Google Maps works. This will affect any car that has Android Auto, making the overall experience worse.

From what has been seen so far, the way Google Maps works will change in the next version of Android Auto. When using this application, it will no longer be possible to navigate to other windows or tabs of other applications, forcing users to always use the full window Google Maps.

The change Google will make doesn’t make much sense and, in fact, could be one of the worst changes made in recent memory. It can be expected that, being presented in beta, it will not reach the stable version of Android Auto. But given Google’s recent moves, you never know for sure..

Source: Computer Hoy

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