The director of “The Spanish apartmentReturning to the big screen today with an upbeat French comedy that teaches the value of rebirth even in the face of the toughest challenges, always turning our gaze to the brighter side of life and embracing new opportunities: Life is a dance. Bim Distribuzione, taking advantage of the movie’s theatrical launch, has released an unpublished clip of the movie entitled “There’s Nothing Ridiculous in a Tutu”.

The film’s protagonist is the prima ballerina of the Paris Opera, Marion Barbeau, here in the role of Elise, a promising ballet dancer living with her boyfriend in the French capital. After discovering that the boy is cheating on her and being seriously injured, the young woman sets out for physical and emotional healing that will lead her to Brittany, where the warmth of her friends and a newfound love will bring her to the fore. the possibility of a rebirth.

I don’t share that dark and painful side that we often associate with the dance world. In fact, for many people classical dance is associated with the idea of ​​suffering. There is clearly some truth in this: the bodies of dancers suffer like those of great athletes. I do not deny the sacrifices it requires. But I preferred to focus more on the idea of ​​passion than sacrifice. You cannot be a dancer without being focused on life, because dancing is above all one of the joys of life. The story of the film is based on an idea of ​​reconstruction and rebirth, with the desire that there is a need to move towards something positive and sunny, regardless of the efforts made to achieve it. I could predictably say that it is a movie about life, a movie about the deep pleasure of those who dance and fuels this desire to get up, to surpass themselves.

said director Cédric Klapisch.

Élise has the typical characteristics of a dancer. She is a fighter, a very strong person who built armor around herself after her mother died. But her injury will also teach her to tame her weaknesses and live with her weaknesses. This is what I liked most about the script: the fact that Élise never feels sorry for herself, despite what happens to her.

says main character Marion Barbeau.

Short content:
Elise is a promising ballet dancer who lives in Paris with her boyfriend. However, her perfect life is turned upside down the day she discovers the boy is cheating on her and heals a serious injury on stage. The path to physical and emotional healing takes her to Brittany, where the warmth of her friends and a newfound love throw at her the possibility of a rebirth. Armed with tenacity and determination, Elise will not miss the opportunity.

Source: Lega Nerd

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