Most of the doctors would like to adopt a solution that allows checks to be made on the safety of the prescribed medicines. Only 44% currently have a drug safety device. A system integrated into the electronic medical record in use. This is confirmed by a survey of more than 300 clinical managers in 39 countries conducted by Wolters Kluwer, Health. This announces the launch on the Italian market of a new generation system (Medi-Span).

A way to help the doctor make the right decision to administer the most appropriate therapy. The system provides precision alarm in clinical situations directly in the electronic medical record. In this way, doctors can understand and notice medication errors and improve patient care.

The collected data shows that the reduction of the tension of alarm and increased adoption of clinical best practices with the benefit of international accreditations. Medi-Span’s alarm systems registered 21% fewer reports. However, they were able to identify a wider range of side effects of more serious drugs.

Today he visits it comorbidities with the presence of multiple pathologies and multiple therapies, it has complicated the treatment of patients. Errors in therapy and adverse health problems occur in 8-12% of EU hospitals, even 95,000 lives could be saved each year. Here is the integration of an advanced solution of: decision support to administer drug therapies is really essential.

Source: Lega Nerd

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