Warner Bros. Picture shared the first image Barbie, a film inspired by the iconic doll. This first preview was accompanied by a cast reveal revealing a number of important names in the industry. This allows us to draw the following conclusion: the manufacturer took movie most seriously.

This is not a trifle. Barbie is one of the most important icons of modern culture. To recreate the history of this toy, we have the following characters: margot robbiewho will star in the film Emma McKee, Ryan Gosling, sorsi ronan, Sim Liu, Kate McKinnon, Michael Cera, Issa Ray, America Ferrara D Emerald fennel.

Part of the production team consists of Greta Gerwig who will be the director and has just spearheaded important projects such as Ladybug (2017) and small woman (2019) and Noah Baumbach, screenwriter Barbie and comes from writing a script for a famous Marriage history (2019). Like the cast, at least the direction and writing make us think this is one of Warner’s strong bets for next year.

First image Barbie
and release date

According to information from Warner Bros. Picture posted via your twitter profile, Barbie It will be released on July 1, 2023.. In the first image that could be seen, Margot Robbie is seen in the center of the image, inside the car and various winks towards the dolls, from the color palette to the expression.

The history of this doll began on March 9, 1959, when Hub Inc. brought the first one to market. Barbie was created Ruth Handler, who created her with the idea that “through the doll, girls can become whatever they want,” as he continued. The size of this doll is almost inaccessible, it enters millions of homes and marks the childhood of many girls.

On the other hand, it has also been associated with various controversies; in particular, those that are related to the image of a woman. One of the constant comments is that Barbie promotes an aesthetic representation that many women don’t represent. To these criticisms have recently been added others related to feminism and how the doll and the coupe attributed to it in different scenarios can be understood as patriarchal.

Source: Hiper Textual

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