Prices will rise sharply in the coming months, a real sting for Italians. The government must put an end to this crisis, also in view of the war in Ukraine and the rise in raw material prices. You should definitely pay attention save money consumption as much as possible. Of the household appliances in the house, perhaps not all Italians know that there are appliances that can drive their bills sky-high. Others, on the other hand, are able to cut consumption in half. In this case we are talking about the oven static or ventilated.

The two modes are very different from each other, focusing on the type of food to be cooked in the oven. The vented mode, depending on the food being cooked, sometimes serves to expend more energy and cooking the same food may be wrong. Unlike the static oven, the vented oven distributes the heat So uniform inside the device. However, some dishes, such as those that require leavening, are not suitable for ventilated cooking.

Therefore, if we evaluate the two modes, we must specify that a static oven at 200 degrees consumes up to 1.5 kWh for one hour. A practice that, if done often, can have a major impact on the bill. The most commonly used mode is therefore the ventilated. In vented mode, the evenly distributed heat results in i time egg lower consumption. The latest generation ovens are also equipped with special cooking programs, which allow you to set significant energy-saving settings.

Source: Lega Nerd

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