Lack of adequate sleep is one of the biggest problems of current generations. In a 24-hour society, to sleep can be a big challenge Some.

Despite this, a good night’s sleep is still necessary for the body to function properly. After all, it is during this period that we recover and prepare for the next day.

But do you know how many hours of sleep you need a day? Read on to stay in the loop.

The ideal amount of sleep depends on age (Source: Shutterstock)

How many hours of sleep are needed per day?

To sleep very few things can cause a range of damage to health both in the short and long term: fatigue, hallucinations, headaches, risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and even dementia.

Those who get little rest, too – according to scientific evidence – predispositionconditions such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorderr. With all this, it is more than correct to say that sleep is fundamental in our lives.

Despite this information, many people still do not know how much time is ideal for rest. And the answer is not so simple, because this value can vary from person to person. After all, the ideal amount of sleep depends mainly on age. Check the ideal time for each age group below.

  • Newborns up to 3 months: 14 to 17 hours.
  • Infants 4 to 11 months: 12 to 15 hours.
  • Children 1 to 2 years: 11 to 14 hours.
  • Children 3 to 5 years: 10 to 13 hours.
  • Children 6-13 years: 9-11 hours.
  • Adolescents 14 to 17 years: 8 to 10 hours.
  • Adults 18 to 64 years: 7 to 9 hours.
  • Seniors over 65: 7 to 8 hours.

children and youth

Childhood and adolescence are stages in which our bodies continue to develop. Therefore, we need more sleep than ever before during the so-called growth phases.. Therefore, it is not uncommon for children to oversleep.

Experts estimate that in the first three years of life, more than half of the day is required to sleep. This amount is even higher in the first months: babies up to 12 months need up to 17 hours of rest.

Children and teens thrive in their sleep (Source: Shutterstock)

But as we get older, the value decreases and we stay awake longer. Children can sleep 12 hours a day and teenagers can get enough rest with 10 hours.


On average, we only need 8 hours of sleep as adults. However, this stage, which extends from the age of 18 to 65, is wide enough to show differences in itself.

in youth, some people need more time in bed than others. Until the age of 25, only 8 hours may not be enough to fully charge the batteries.

Only by this age the brain is still developing and interrupted sleep can lead to sleep deprivation symptoms. After that, until reaching old age, the body can cope better with less rest.


When worrying about teenagers, it’s normal to think about the time it takes to sleep – after all, sleep is the body’s development. However, the time that the elderly devote to rest is increasingly discussed.

Lack of sleep may promote symptoms of severe dementia and neurodegeneration in this population. And with an aging population, concerns about these diseases are growing.

There are programs calling today raising people’s awareness about healthy aging. Real It includes a sleep routine of at least 8 hours a night, which is considered ideal for the elderly.

What happens if you sleep 7 hours a day?

Sleeping less than ideal isn’t always a problem. Sometimes we are unable to achieve the ideal 8 hours of sleep for routine or health reasons. It’s also normal for some people to need less rest.

But if insomnia or interrupted sleep is recurring, it can cause a number of problems. There are some signs that we should look out for in order to evaluate the quality of our daily rest.

These include lethargy, tiredness or weakness, mood swings, excessive snoring, and even nocturnal snoring. In such cases, the person should pay attention to the night routine and seek expert help if necessary.

Long-term, the condition can bring ailments, including health. Without enough sleep, immunity can be compromised. Therefore, practicing good sleep health, fulfilling the minimum amount of time required by the body, is beneficial not only for well-being but also for overall quality of life.

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