According to a new study led by geophysicist Chuan Huang of Curtin University in Australia, HE Pacific Ocean getting smaller every year. The biggest problem that scientists point out is, this shrinkage could create a supercontinent.

According to the information obtained from the study published in the scientific journal National Science Review, The Pacific is shrinking by about 2.5 cm each year, as a result of the westward forcing of tectonic plates. However, humanity can calm down, because The estimate for the emergence of the new supercontinent called Amasya is about 200 million years ago..

The shrinkage will be responsible for the merging of North America with Asia, a topic that has been debated by scientists for more than a decade. Huang and other researchers noted that the strength of the lithosphere, the hardest upper layer on Earth, was a neglected point in understanding the emergence of a supercontinent.

“Earth’s known supercontinents are thought to have formed in very different ways, with the two extreme members introverted and extroverts.

super continent amasya

The world has been going through changes for millions of years and will likely continue long after humanity ends. For example, the supercontinent Pangea formed 335 million years ago and began to break up during the rise of the dinosaurs.

Earth now consists of seven continents with completely different ecosystems and societies unlike in the time of Pangea, and much different than it will be 200 million or 300 million years from now.

“Earth as we know it will be drastically different when Amasya forms. Sea level is expected to be lower and the vast interior of the supercontinent will be very arid with high daily temperatures,” said Curtin’s co-author and group professor. Ground Dynamics Research, Zheng-Xiang Li.

Source: Tec Mundo

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