YouTube presented a new widgets for iPhones. A window on the Google platform is always present on the phone’s home screen. The new widget is called Quick Actions and measures 4×2.

The widget allows you to search for YouTube directly from the iPhone home screen. It is possible to use the virtual keyboard or voice dictation, in addition there are three icons: Home, Shorts and Subscriptions. Using one of several functions, the widget will immediately open the official YouTube application on the desired screen.

In short, more than bringing YouTube to the home screen – assuming such a solution would be useful – it is a handy shortcut to speed up the application opening and access the various screens. For example, with a simple tap you can instantly open the feed for Short, YouTube’s new short videos (TikTok style).

You can also choose a smaller version of the widget – 2×2 – without the three buttons mentioned above. The widget is also available with the dark theme. Quick Actions was introduced with version 17.41.2 of the YouTube iOS application.

Source: Lega Nerd

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