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No more frost on your car windows thanks to the Vevor heater


Frost is common in winter and affects cars parked outside, but especially windows and windows.

It’s a real nuisance to get up in the morning and scratch your car’s windshield to be able to drive with it, or to wait for the car’s heating to heat up and the frost to melt.

Well, now we have the solution that AliExpress offers us and, in addition, it brings us a reduced price. Diesel heater “Vevor” for 12 V is capable of Quickly heat the interior and remove frost very fast.

you can install this 12v diesel parking heater anywhere in the car and make it work thanks to LCD panel that comes with.

From AliExpress, they are offering us this Vevor Parking Heater for €110.33 for a limited time in Super Deals.

Shop Vevor Parking heater

It is able to heat even when the temperature reaches -40 °C.. It produces noise only from blowing, since the fan and pump are very quiet.

Have Really low fuel consumption from 0.1 to 0.28 liters per hour. Combustion chamber, base and heat dissipation scale aluminum parts sandblasting.

What is a complete heater, it is built as a single unit and has a heatsink, in addition to high temperature resistance.

in digital LCD display we see two control modes manual and automatic temperature. You can also set the time heating operation so that it works at the time and at the time that we want.


Very easy to install, as the package includes everything you need to install it, such as pipes and tools for assembly. It can be placed in any car and anywhere.

But not only can be installed on the car, but buses, large vans and even trucks can use this parking heater. Its quality is so good that it can be taken home, office or warehouse without any problems.

If you are interested in this parking heater, you can get it at a discount thanks to AliExpress, but it must be Before the day 22 of Octoberend date of the offer.

Source: Computer Hoy

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