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Home Tech Powerful, practical and versatile handheld vacuum cleaner with MIUI.

Powerful, practical and versatile handheld vacuum cleaner with MIUI.


MIUI LW-S2002B is a handheld vacuum cleaner with more features to become what we want to have right now.

It is not only powerful, but also practical. Its versatility will surprise yousince we can use it not only for the floors of our house, but also for other very interesting functions.

this device very light (1.1 kg) so comfort is another one of its strengths where you can see the good work they have done in everything regarding their finishes and the materials they have chosen.

Carry with you brush that can rotate 180 degrees in which we have LED lights to make it easier for us to clean up even in areas where we had poor visualization so far.

His strength suction 19kPa, so we have an extremely capable and powerful vacuum cleaner that also has a 0.6 liter tank, along with hepa filter so that the end result is the best possible.

You can take home this MIUI LW-S2002B for just €95.19 for a limited time on AliExpress Super Deals.

battery 2000 mAh which gives it an autonomy of 25 minutes, enough time to walk around the house and leave it reasonably clean.

It can be hung on the wall as it does not need cables. When the battery is low, just place it in the charging base and you’re done.


has several accessories to reach different areas of the homebut can also be converted to small vacuum cleanerwhich will allow us to use it for vacuum the car inside or clean sofas very easy and effortless.

It is absolutely the perfect vacuum cleaner for you to take home and thus cover a large number of cleaning aspects such as floors, sofas, ceilings and more, including the car, another one of the places where we are going to get the most out of it. this .

Source: Computer Hoy

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